Grooming Prices And Policies

Our highly trained groomer, Jenny Warren, is here to meet all your grooming needs. We understand that each pet is unique, and we will make every effort to keep your pet comfortable during his or her grooming appointments.

We take great pride in providing the highest quality services to each pet that comes to us for a grooming appointment. If you would like to book a groom, we advise you call at least two weeks in advance since Jenny’s grooming appointment fill quickly!
We welcome your questions about our grooming procedures and policies. Please be sure to read our grooming policy below. Please also review and complete the required “Grooming Policy and Form” located on our website under the “Patient Center” then click on “Online Forms”.

Important Policies Regarding Grooming Appointments:
*All grooming appointments must be dropped off no later than 10:00 am on the day of the scheduled appointment.
*A minimum of 24-hour cancellation is required for all grooming appointments.
*If cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before your appointment, or if your pet does not arrive by required drop off time, a minimum fee of $20 per scheduled groom appointment will apply and charged to your account.

Knoxville Animal Clinic, LLC (KAC, LLC) Day Boarding, Boarding, & Grooming Policies

Boarding, Day Boarding, Drop Off, & Grooming Policies for KAC, LLC:

All day boarding, boarding, and grooming animals are required to be up to date on vaccinations and free of parasites, fleas, and ticks. If your pet is not up to date on vaccinations and/or parasites, fleas, or ticks are detected on your pet, a physical examination, appropriate treatment, and/or vaccinations, will be given to your pet(s) and charged to your account.

Required canine vaccinations for boarding, day boarding, and grooming include: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, Bordetella, and canine influenza H3N2/H3N8. Required feline vaccinations include: Rabies and Distemper. Examination by a veterinarian is required if your dog or cat needs to be vaccinated and/or if your pet is sick at the time of arrival. Fecal flotation will be performed if your pet has not been screened for internal parasites within 12 months prior to arrival date. Fecal flotation will be required if your pet is not currently receiving monthly internal parasite prevention. If your pet is displaying symptoms or is suspected of having an infectious disease, which could be transmissible to other animals in our clinic, arrangements to have your pet discharged or transferred to a referral facility may be required.

Clients must complete the required forms at the time of arrival. Forms must be completed by the owner with instructions including, but not limited to, medications, feeding instructions, personal belongings, grooming requests, and appointment requests for your pet to be seen by a veterinarian. If the forms are not completed, KAC, LLC cannot be responsible for giving or dispensing medication, feeding instructions, personal belongings, veterinarian requests, or grooming requests. Clients are required to leave a valid phone number where we can reach you during normal business hours in the event of an emergency or question regarding your animal.

Cancellation policy for boarding and grooming reservations requires a 24 - hour notice before arrival date. Cancellation fee for grooming is $20. Cancellation fee of a 50% of your scheduled boarding reservation will apply and be charged to your account. There is no late fee to pick up your animal and can be picked up any time until 6:00 pm on scheduled departure date. If your plans change and you cannot pick up on the day of departure, please notify us immediately. For safety of our staff and security purposes, KAC, LLC does not allow after hours, holiday, or Sunday pick up for boarding animals or patients.

Grooming Prices

Pricing is determined by breed, size, type of coat, and temperament. We are unable to quote specific pricing until your animal has met the groomer.

Description of Services:

Bath: Includes bath, brush out, nail trimming, anal gland expression, and routine ear cleaning.

Groom: Includes bath, brush out, nail trimming, anal gland expression, routine ear cleaning, and haircut. Please be sure to indicate type of hair cut desired.

Puppy Package (Up to 6 months will receive 20% off regular price bath fee): A one-time price offer, for a puppy bath, brush out, nail trimming, anal gland expression, routine ear cleaning, Face and paw clipping. Please note the puppy package does not include grooming.

Additional services:

Express fee: Must be requested at time of booking. If you need to pick up your animal by noon or if you drop off your animal after 12:00pm, an express fee of $35.00 will apply.

Nail "Pawlish" and Pedicure: $10.00-$15.00

Dremel Nails: $25.00

Medicated Shampoo Bath and Soak Up-charge for your itchy canine: $10.00

Paw pad tidy up, potty patch trim, and eyebrow trimming: $10.00-$15.00

Cancellation/No-Show Fee (24 hour notice required): Minimum fee of $20.00

Grooming Service Disclaimer:

*Please note:The price list above is subject to change based on weight, age, and hair coat. Prices are determined by our experienced and excellent groomer, Jenny Warren.

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